The Project

Who we are

Namibia is on the cusp of becoming a green hydrogen production hub, thanks to its abundant renewable energy resources. Cleanergy Solutions Namibia, a powerful partnership between the Ohlthaver & List Group (O&L) and CMB.TECH, is leading the charge in driving this transformation.

As a truly African company employing more than 5000 people, the Ohlthaver & List Group is rooted in, and has been committed to Namibia and its people since 1919. With its headquarters in Windhoek, the Group has business dealings that stretch across Africa and Europe. As Namibia’s largest privately owned group of companies, O&L is active in diverse sectors including food and beverage production, fishing, farming, retail, IT, property management, renewable energy, engineering, marketing and advertising, corporate event management and hospitality and leisure. The Ohlthaver & List Group is relentless in the pursuit of a sustainable future for all and therefore passionately embraces its Purpose: ‘Creating a future, enhancing life’ in everything they do.

CMB.TECH is a global shipping and cleantech company that develops, builds, owns and operates large marine and industrial applications that can run on hydrogen or ammonia. CMB.TECH also offers hydrogen and ammonia fuel to its customers, either through own production or third-party producers. They introduced the world’s first multimodal hydrogen refuelling station in Belgium in 2019 for trucks, cars, trailers and ships.


Cleanergy Solutions Namibia’s mission is to lead Namibia's green energy transformation by becoming the foremost producer of green hydrogen, reducing carbon emissions and driving economic growth. Leveraging our strategic partnership - the expertise in renewable energy of O&L and the extensive knowledge in hydrogen and ammonia of CMB.TECH, we are dedicated to pioneering sustainable solutions that will generate significant, measurable value for our nation and its people.


Cleanergy Solutions Namibia envisions a future, within the next decade, where Namibia stands as a global leader in clean energy innovation, with green hydrogen production at its core. Namibia's clean energy landscape will be characterised by state-of-the-art facilities, widespread carbon emissions reduction and robust economic prosperity, driven by our commitment to excellence, innovation, and strategic partnerships. This transformation will not only empower Namibians but also inspire the world to accelerate its transition towards sustainable energy sources.


Our unwavering commitment stems from our belief in the importance of decarbonisation and our alignment with global climate targets. At the heart of Cleanergy Solutions Namibia's groundbreaking venture lies a solar park spanning 10 hectares, accompanied by a hydrogen production facility equipped with a 5MW electrolyser and 5MWh battery.

This plant establishes the first hydrogen production facility of its kind in Africa, directly harnessing solar energy from the park to produce hydrogen, which is then made available at a public refuelling station. Additionally, our workshop is responsible for converting the initial fleet of trucks to dual fuel technology, utilising locally produced hydrogen.

Central to our mission is the Hydrogen Academy, which plays a vital role in fostering local expertise in hydrogen technology. Through this initiative we aim to train and educate future professionals in all aspects of hydrogen production and its application.