H2 Academy

Cleanergy Solutions Namibia supports the development of green fuels locally and we are confident it is the right thing to do. We need to play our part in decarbonisation to achieve global climate goals and at the same time, we believe this has the potential to unlock enormous benefits for Namibia.

The Cleanergy site includes a solar park, a hydrogen production plant and Hydrogen Academy. The site in Walvis Bay will be the first production plant of its kind in Africa where hydrogen is produced directly from a solar park and dispensed at a public refuelling station. The attached workshop is where the first trucks will be converted to dual fuel technology to drive with the locally produced hydrogen.

Another key element is the Hydrogen Academy aiming at upskilling and training future employees. Training includes the production and usage of hydrogen as fuel for heavy duty equipment like trucks, locomotives and mining equipment as well as gensets creating independency on imported fossil fuels.