The Energy Observer made a stopover in Walvis Bay to discover Namibia’s potential and ambitions.
Publish Date:
October 10, 2023

Green hydrogen is taking center stage, and the renowned green vessel "Energy Observer" has been sailing the world to champion this revolutionary energy source. Recently, the vessel made a stopover in Walvis Bay to uncover Namibia's potential and aspirations in the field of green hydrogen.

Energy Observer is the world's first hydrogen-powered, zero-emission vessel, entirely self-sustaining in energy. It serves as both an advocate for and a laboratory of ecological transition. Through its expeditions and innovative initiatives, Energy Observer seeks practical solutions and develops new technologies to accelerate the global shift towards ecological sustainability.

During their visit to Walvis Bay, Energy Observer aimed to discover why Namibia might be the next green hydrogen Eldorado, delving into the country's promising future in sustainable energy. Discover their experience in Namibia in the video below.

Energy Observer's arrival in Walvis Bay, Namibia - © Energy Observer Productions I George Conty